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Texting Communication Policy.

In accordance with TCR (Texting Communication Rules), our communication policy prioritizes client preferences and privacy. Please read the following guidelines:

Initiation of SMS Messages.
We strictly adhere to TCR guidelines, refraining from initiating SMS messages with clients. Our primary mode of communication is through phone calls.

Phone Call Procedure.
When responding to client inquiries, our standard procedure involves exclusive communication through phone calls.
During these phone calls, we make a deliberate effort to seek explicit permission from clients before sending any text messages.
This approach is especially emphasized when clients express a desire for additional information.

Opt-Out Option.
We respect the autonomy of our clients and offer them the ability to opt out of receiving text messages at any time.
To exercise this option, clients can simply reply with the word "STOP" to any message received.

Website Interaction.
While clients can access information on our website, it's important to note that we do not solicit SMS consent via the website.
The initiation of SMS communication is exclusively handled through our standard phone call procedure.

Privacy and Security.
We prioritize the privacy and security of our clients' information during all communication interactions.
Any personal data shared during phone calls or via text messages is handled with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

By implementing these policies, we aim to provide a transparent and client-centric communication experience in line with TCR requirements. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our texting communication policy, please feel free to contact us.

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